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Rocket Roy

Rocket Roy is a game of skill. Use your iPad, iPhone or iPod to help Rocket Roy steer his self-made contraption to his beloved Jezebel, and then fly back home together. But don’t forget your thinking cap either! Levels get more and more difficult, and you’ll need to navigate obstacles as well as think your creative way through this game. Rocket Roy combines a sense of playful adventure with gorgeous design. This game will make you feel like you’re 10 years old again and on the adventure of a lifetime!

Think children’s book meets music box meets action video gam. Rocket Roy combines stunning, whimsical graphics and unique visual style with dreamy background music and soundscape.

Rocket Roy tests your skills: precision and control win this game. Use your iPad/iPhone as a controller with the built-in gyroscope to steer Rocket Roy to safety. But don’t forget your thinking cap either: some levels can only be completed in a particular way…

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“Rocket Roy is an adventure game that also combines physics-based elements with some puzzles to make a unique title […] sometimes I just need a game that I can just unwind with after a long day. That’s where Rocket Roy comes in.” — AppAdvice.com

“Rocket Roy is a challenging mobile game that requires you to overcome the distance, all in the name of love. […] Tilting controls feel tight and responsive and for a game that requires a lot of nuanced tilting, these controls work in the game’s favour.” — IndieGameReviewer.com

“I find Rocket Roy to be an enjoyable title. The visuals are cute, music is calming, and the game has a simple concept but ends up to be pretty challenging.” — AppAdvice.com